Saturday, May 21, 2011


I can't understand it, but the blog cut out the beginnings of the second and fourth annoying!
I suppose your imagination must fill in the blanks!   =)

Soft Beauty

Pink flower petals and little green leaves                                         strewn on the ground all about my knees,                                    
graceful long nails and soft caresses                                                sweetly scoop up such colorful messes.                                         
Into a vase made simply for this
do hands slowly lower each petal in place.
Light purple irises are added to this, 
this curious case of things purple and pink, oh where is the blue? 
As my feet touch the earth,
so warm and so deep, that's yielded this beautiful bounty to me,  
my mind is set free like the birds in the trees
and my heart breaths true love to the Creator, my King.
He's made each pink petal, each leaf, each blade,
with something sweet in mind...soft, loving beauty, maybe?