Thursday, January 5, 2012

A new year

It is a marvel to me that yet another year has gone by; and so quickly too!!                        The Lord is so good and ever merciful! His constant faithfulness and love is the only reason the seasons pass and our worlds continue to grow in such an invisible, yet steady way. This past week I've had so many opportunities to  simply sit and reflect on all the things He's done in my little sphere of life. And in others, also. I've learned so much about waiting for and leaning on Jesus as my real, true source of life. I would tell of them all, but they would not matter to anyone but me and my Lord. It amazes and fascinates me how diverse our God is in teaching each one of us! Truly is it said in His word that "My ways are not your ways, nor are My thoughts your thoughts." Our Father is a God of surprises, laughter, joy, romance, love, adventure, blind trust, steady faith: LIFE in Jesus Christ His Son!
May this new year be a wonderful, loving adventure for you! May you fall deeper into the heart of God! May He bless you, and bring you ever closer to the Lover of your soul.         
Isaiah 55:12

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