Monday, January 31, 2011

Blue Like Jazz...If only...

I read the book Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller and was astounded.
I wish so much that I could write like him!!
He is open, honest, realistic, funny and says what everyone else is thinking and admits to feeling things that we've most likely all at one time or another felt.
And he is real.
Real about life, real about Christianity. Or rather, as he calls it, Christian Spirituality.
As to why he calls it that, you must read the book yourself. 
I know, I know, "Just tell me!" but what fun and adventure is that? Besides, it is a book more than worth your time and thought.
I recommend reading it on a day when you quite literally have nothing else to do, for if it pulls you in like it did me, you'll read it in one sitting.
No joke.
It's that good.
But what really makes me desire to write like him is this: he writes from the heart, without condemnation of you, what you believe, or anything else. No judgment. Just simply lays it out there for you to analyze, then humbly asks you to consider what he has written about life and God.
He doesn't write in a chop-chop, do-this-or-die, fashion at all.
He, honestly, lays it before you with the love of Jesus in his heart.
And that makes it so worth while to read!
I laughed out loud more than once (ask my friends who were with me!) and I paused and sat for minutes on end pondering what he had said way more than thrice. Much of it such simple, everyday truth that it is profound in its simplicity.
You may, and probably will, think much differently about it than I do once you read it. Everyone has a different view on everything, after all.
If only I could write like that...
I'm afraid my writings are much more chop-chop and sharp. Demanding even, perhaps. I know my mind and what I think and how to say it, and I do.
And that's part of the problem, I think.
I am practicing and trying to soften things. Don't know if it's working or not.
I suppose I use the Notes capacity on facebook for testing. I can get feedback from you all and judge how I'm doing by that, though so far the things I've really expounded about have been very sure subjects for me. But with me, I treat everything like a sure thing, a known thing; something to be talked about with definite, solid opinions. I suppose that's why my good friends pick on me about knowing everything, and rightly so.
I sure sound like it.
But for the record, I don't, not even close. I just like to think I do, it messages my ego.
I need to be reminded every now and again to chill out and quite thinking I have to get my thoughts/opinions out there all the time.
You learn more by listening and pondering than by making yourself heard, I've noticed.
And people are generally more willing to listen to you if they've asked for your opinion than if you just give it like a fountain sprouts water.
Blue Like he knows how to write all those things I want to write, and in the manner I long to write.
Thank God for my friends who love and accept me despite my blunt, blow-up-the-bush-instead-of-beat-it, self!
And for all of you who actually read my lengthy thoughts.
If you don't know me all that well, I come across as rather hard and do-or-die sometimes.
If only I COULD be Blue Like Jazz...

Why on earth did I write this?
Not entirely sure. I suppose I had to get it out of my head, even though I talked it over with a few girlies of mine already.
Thanks for reading it, if you managed to survive the muddle of my mind until this last thought!

P.S: you really should read the book now!!

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