Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I was thinking last night about what I wrote in my last post (To Take Care of Boys) and I realized that, yes, I said what girls are for but I didn't really talk about why that is our role and why we're the only beings on earth that can fill that role as a suitable helper for man.
Why...it comes down to two words really. At least, in my mind that's how I picture it. It's the difference between these two that is so important. It's the difference between Femininity and Masculinity.     
The definition of feminine is simply 'possessing qualities or characteristics considered typical of or appropriate to a woman.' 
So we'll have to go a little deeper than that to really dive into the matter.
Woman: an adult female human being. Feminine or female (womanly).
Let's go still further.
Womanly: Possessing qualities, such as warmth, attractiveness, etc., generally regarded as of a woman, especially a mature woman.
So...being feminine entails much more than simply having the physical makeup that makes us females. It means having the character qualities, those things from our hearts, our very souls, that makes us feminine.
But why do we need to be feminine?
I believe we must be feminine (and the world NEEDS us to be feminine women!) because the image of God is incomplete otherwise.
In the beginning, He "made male and female according to His image."
That means He made both genders as a representation of Himself.
Without woman, man wouldn't be complete, he wouldn't embody the complete character/image of God!
Masculinity. Men in their glorious, strong, leading, magnificent role as warriors are a physical image of God in His awesome strength and power. They are made to take charge and lead, to be the providers, protectors and directors. It is their calling, what they're made for. It is their glory.
And God created it so.
Femininity. Women are the other half to masculinity. We are to be the radiant, warm, kind, beautiful side. We are to bear the image of God in His lovingkindness, the balance of all that masculinity.
Ever noticed how He says something isn't right before He made Eve, when Adam was alone?
Ever noticed how woman is probably one of the most beautiful creatures on earth? How everything yearns for the presence of a woman in her alluring feminine grace and beauty? 
When I say beauty I mean much more than beauty of form or/and face. I mean beauty of the character, of the heart and soul.  
It is hard to write about this and NOT sound as if I'm undermining one or the other gender.
I am not at all. The one is the compliment and completion of the other. As God made it to be. 
Masculinity and femininity result in the most amazing, beautiful image of God and His person that we will ever find.  
Being feminine is not something to be ashamed of. Not at all!
We are beautiful in our femininity. 
Just as God intended it to be. 
The very essence of femininity is beauty. 
God delights in beauty. I cannot look at the awesome world and all it contains and conclude otherwise.  
I would write more on this important subject but I have to go play violin and am being pestered. Love you boys!
I'll try and come back to it sometime soon.

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